INTRODUCTION.  Within conventional and special operations (military-law enforcement-corrections-security) organizations there has long been a notable vacuum regarding what constitutes a specific level of training and how that training relates to individual, sub-unit and collective skill sets (and ultimately an organizations proficiency levels).  Thus the requirement of a valid, vibrant training management system (TMS) with the capability of training, sustaining and validating skill sets at the individual, sub unit and collective levels.


The System...

When the TATSOR™ Special Operations Training Services Group (TATSOR™ Group) developed the Training Management System (TMS) it was to fill a void regarding teaching individual, sub-unit and collective skill levels within an organization. The system is designed to teach entry-basic level skills that create the foundation from which true training and operational progression occurs. Upon creation of that foundation those entry-basic level skills sets are sustained and validated on a regular basis with their execution becoming nearly flawless within varied environments and situations. The TATSOR™ Groups training philosophy is preparation for the worst case scenario that could possibly be faced.  In other words training for the highest common denominator with an ability to take a step back-down when the threat level is not as elevated.  


Based upon years of experience and application, the TATSOR™ Group has developed a cutting edge systematic approach to teaching and advising room/area combat (Disorder Close Quarters Battle-DCQB/Close Quarters Battle-CQB) and all relevant-related TTPs. The system is based on tiers/levels of proficiency designed to maintain that the very best tactics, techniques and procedures are presented to the operator based upon their current skill levels and expertise and the identified training end state. 

Live Fire Applications...

Based upon the TATSOR™ Groups training philosophy programs of instruction (POI) are designed and tailored with live fire application of identified tactical skill sets.  Live fire application provides the ability to create realistic, performance oriented training as close to the operational environment as is possible.  The TATSOR™ Group methodology is founded on crawl-walk-run-sprint utilizing our three "C" system.  This allows for a progression style evolution emphasizing operators becoming comfortable and confident ultimately leading to competence.  

Training at the Speed of Real™