"The TATSOR™ Group"

Initially developed in 1996, stood up in 1998 and formerly known as Special Operations Tactical Training International (SOTT-I) the TATSOR™ Special Operations Training Services Group  (TATSOR™ Group) is a professional training and advisory organization that specializes in law enforcement, corrections and military special operations with emphasis on high-risk incident management subjects. 

The TATSOR™ Group provides training and advisory assistance regarding security of personnel and infrastructure as well as a suite of citizen specific training programs covering firearms/MMS; Personal defense/protection; Survival-wilderness survival; Leadership; Adventure programs; Corporate retreats; Premier athlete assessments/training and a host of other specialized  tailored courses of instruction.   In addition the TATSOR™ Group in conjunction with ADD Action Coach Inc. has developed and presents specialized programs specific to ADHD as well as unique, dynamic technology free adventure events/training.

Courses presented are designed specifically for the military, law enforcement and corrections special operations and patrol professional and are presented as a base product. Each customer is unique and programs can be formulated and taught based upon the user organizations needs and levels of expertise. Courses are conducted at a customer’s location by a mobile training team (MTT).  As a part of most MTT training the TATSOR™ Group offer a unique "host program option" which provides the customer with a designated number of tuition free slots to the program(s) they host. 

The TATSOR™ Group also conduct training at a variety of other state of the art training complexes that boast specialized capabilities unlike any others in the world providing live fire training support as close to the operational environment as possible.   This includes a variety of Integrated Special Operations Training Facilities (ISOTF™) located throughout the United States. 

 The TATSOR™ Group will periodically team with a variety of cutting edge organizations-companies  to provide even more dynamic support regards training/advisory assistance with emphasis upon the well-being and survival of the "Operator" and "Emergency Responder." 

 TATSOR™ Group programs never fall prey to the commonplace "risk aversion" concept of training seen regularly in the training world. Instead our programs are cutting edge and conducted as close to the "live operational environment" as is possible via "live fire TTP validation." 

The TATSOR™  Group utilize in depth risk analysis and management to provide risk mitigation without "choreographing" training. The result is the most realistic "tactically safe" training conducted in the world today. Training designed towards preparing personnel and organizations for the "worst case scenarios" that could possibly be faced.  

TATSOR™  Group Advice and Training is world renown and in demand internationally by ONLY the most SERIOUS organizations and personnel. 

                                       Training at the Speed of Real™