• Handgun I-III
  • Rifle/Carbine I-IV
  • SMG/Carbine Operator
  • Tactical Shotgun I
  • Practical Tactical (3 Gun)
  • Tactical Marksmanship I-IV
  • Instinctive Fire I-III
  • Precision Rifle I-IV
  • AR-15 Platform Armorer



  • LE Tactical Team (SWAT) Course (Entry-Adv Levels)
  • Corrections Tactical Team (SWAT) Course (Entry-Adv Levels)
  • Corrections Tactical Response Team (Less Lethal) Course (Entry-Adv Levels)
  • Corrections High Risk Transportation
  • Entry-Basic Sniper Observer Team Operations
  • Advanced Sniper Observer Team Operations
  • Sniper Observer Specialty Applications Programs
  • Designated Marksman (DM)
  • Protective Security Detail Operations
  • PSD Specialty Team Operations (CAT)
  • Tactical Tracking I-IV
  • Specialty Target Environment Operations (Wheeled Vehicle/Rail-Subway/Aircraft/Maritime-GOPLATS)
  • Tactical Driving I-IV
  • Assaulter Tactical Medicine I-II
  • Tactical Methods of Entry/Breaching I-IV
  • Active Assailant/Shooter
  • Patrol Officer Tactics Course/POTC I-II
  • Counter Terrorism Interdiction Program for Patrol/CTIPP
  • Corrections Officer Tactics Course/COTC I-II
  • Crisis/Hostage Negotiation
  • Urban/Rural Surveillance Operations Course (URSOC)
  • Tactical Air Operations
  • Tactical Leaders Programs
  • Tactical Planning Programs
  • Gunfighter I-IV
  • Tactical Robotics
  • Canine Special Operations I-II
  • Maritime Operations Programs (VBSS-Conventional/Special Operations)
  • CQB Foundation Programs I-IV
  • DCQB Foundation Programs I-IV

Instructor-Train the Trainer


  • Firearms-Marksmanship Instructor
  • Tactical Team/Special Operations Instructor 
  • Handgun Instructor 
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • CQB Facility/Shoot House Instructor
  • Special Operations Live Fire Instructor-CQB
  • Special Operations Live Fire Instructor-MMS/Combat Shooting
  • Special Operations Live Fire Instructor-PMMS/Sniper Observer 
  • Special Operations Live Fire Instructor-PMMS/Designated Marksman 
  • Active Assailant-Shooter Instructor Program

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