Citizen Programs



  • Handgun I-III
  • Rifle/Carbine I-IV
  • Tactical Shotgun I
  • Practical Tactical (3 Gun-HG/AR/Shotgun)
  • Practical Tactical (3 Gun-HG/AR/Precision Rifle)
  • Tactical Gun Adventure Program (Multi-Gun)
  • Tactical Marksmanship I-IV
  • Instinctive Fire I-III
  • Precision Sporting Rifle
  • The Citizen Gunfighter I-III
  • AR-15 Armorer

Personal Protection-Defense/Adventure/Premier Athlete


  • Citizen Survival Program (CSP) I-IV
  • Citizen Protection Program (CPP) I-IV
  • Family Survival Program (FSP)
  • Employee Survival Program (ESP)
  • Executive Survival Program (XSP)
  • Tactical Adventure Training Programs
  • Wilderness Survival I-IV
  • Tracking I-IV
  • Hostage Survival I-IV
  • Active Assailant-Shooter Response Programs
  • Tactical/Situational Leader Programs
  • Premier Athlete Training/Advisory Program(s)---(PA TAP)
  • LATSOR™ I (Foundation Leadership TNG/CEO)
  • LATSOR™ II (Foundation Leadership TNG/Supervisory Personnel/Employee)
  • LATSOR™ III (Advanced Leadership TNG/CEO)
  • LATSOR™ IV (Advanced Leadership TNG/Supervisory Personnel-Employee)
  • LATSOR™ V (Company-Business Leadership-Adventure Retreat)
  • Specialized Adventure Programs

Instructor-Train the Trainer


  • Firearms-Marksmanship Instructor
  • Handgun Instructor 
  • Rifle/Carbine Instructor

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