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The TATSOR Group is a world renown developer and provider of Active Assailant-Shooter Response Training for the Executive-Employee, Administrator-Faculty-Student and the First Responder (Law Enforcement-EMS-Fire Services-Emergency Management).

In addition the TATSOR Group provides an in depth and robust security assessment program (SAP) and Emergency Action Plan review/development regarding the Active Assailant-Shooter threats of the 21st century.

School Resource Officer (SRO) Training unique to the current faced threats is the driving force within the curriculum of the Patrol Officer Tactics Course/SRO (POTC III).  This program is unlike any other available as it validates each attendee and the TTPs taught via live fire application.  That is live fire training as close to the operational environment as is possible. 

The live fire application provides the attendee with the foundation and mindset REQUIRED in order to successfully resolve the active assailant-shooter threat situation.  In addition POTC III emphasizes the individual/singleton clearing process that is missed/lacking in other response systems and certainly not taught by other training providers.  

For more information and further details regarding the very best Active Assailant/Shooter response training/advisory assistance available contact the TATSOR Group.


Designed for LE, Military, Corrections and Security professionals.  This training program presents training directed towards short-medium precision marksmanship in support of special and conventional operations. DM I and DM II provide foundation and further evolution training that includes but is not limited to: Patrol-DM Rifle/Optics Overview; Application of Fire/Environmental Factors; Patrol-DM Rifle Marksmanship; Fieldcraft TTPs; Patroling TTPs; Site Orientation System (SOS); Reporting Procedures; Range Estimation.   The training is dynamic and high energy with extensive live fire applications.


Designed for Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military and Security Organizations. The SOTOC I is a (3) day/40+ hour Sniper/Observer---Precision Marksman/Observer Program designed for personnel/organizations looking for a less robust foundation of training than the current (5) day/60+ hour TATSOR Group Entry-Basic Level SOTOC. Primary emphasis within SOTOC I is Application of Fire/Environmental Factors and Precision Marksmanship (PMMS).  The SOTOC I Program includes but is not limited to:  SOT/PMOT Weapons-Equipment; Application of Fire/Environmental Factors; Precision Marksmanship (PMMS); Range Estimation; Site Orientation System (SOS).


"He who graduates the harshest school...succeeds"



"Almost invariably, Operators, provided with no time to think, will do exactly what they have been trained to do" 



"You cannot be a part time Operator on a part time Tactical Team"

DGW aka "Flash"


"12 hours is still only half a day of Training"

JFS aka "Troll"


“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity”

General George S. Patton



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