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Razor Performance Riding, currently a member of the TATSOR™ Group Training and Advisory Team  is dedicated to the development and/or enhancement of the motorcyclists  maneuvering and traffic safety.   Motorcycle instruction is provided by professional motorcycle instructors who possess a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills. 

In conjunction with the TATSOR™ Group Razor will be conducting live fire applications regarding tactical riding taking the motorcycle rider/officer experience/capability to a whole new level.  

Training will include but not be limited to marksmanship with the handgun, patrol rifle and SMG to include from and around the motorcycle platform;  Live fire applications under fire; Ambush-counter ambush TTPs;  Tactical medical applications when operating from the motorcycle platform; Driving and foot small unit tactics.


"He who graduates the harshest school...succeeds"



"Almost invariably, Operators, provided with no time to think, will do exactly what they have been trained to do" 



"You cannot be a part time Operator on a part time Tactical Team"

DGW aka "Flash"


"12 hours is still only half a day of Training"™

JFS aka "Troll"


“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity”

General George S. Patton


"In training we tell people how to do....operationally we tell people what to do"™

JFS aka "Troll"


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123 Hidden Trail, Dover, Tennessee 37058, United States

(931) 320-6343 Director@tatsorgroup.com