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--New for 2019--

"Special OPNS TNG Week"


("The Matrix")
16-20 Sept 2019
ISOTF-Marianna/Altha Fl

Daily Training Modules

Each Day/Training Period 10-14 Hours
Day 01/Mon---CQB Shooting

Day 02/Tue---CQB Foundation

Day 03/Wed---Precision Rifle

Day 04/Thu---Small Unit Tactics/IADs

Day 05/Fri---Canine Special Operations

UTM MMR and Live Fire Applications

Attend TNG days of choice or all TNG

(24) Attendee Maximum per TNG Day

Lodging and Daily Lunch Included

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"Special OPNS FMP Week"


("The Push") 

23-27 Sept 2019 

ISOTF-Marianna/Altha Fl 

Full Mission Profile Training

Multiple Teams/Organizations


Attendee Elements Rotate Operational Lead

Various Missions Executed

Operations on Unfamiliar Terrain 

Dynamic and High Energy TNG

UTM MMR and Live Fire Applications

Maximum Organization Element Size (7)

(42) Total Attendees Maximum

Lodging and "Operator Banquet" Included

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"He who graduates the harshest school...succeeds"



"Almost invariably, Operators, provided with no time to think, will do exactly what they have been trained to do" 



"You cannot be a part time Operator on a part time Tactical Team"

DGW aka "Flash"


"12 hours is still only half a day of Training"

JFS aka "Troll"


“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity”

General George S. Patton


"In training we tell people how to do....operationally we tell people what to do"

JFS aka "Troll"


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